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When to visit (Weather)

It's said of other places but often holds true for London: if you don't like the weather, wait a minute. Many visitors ask 'what will the weather be like in...?' but the best and most honest answer is that we won't know until that time comes.

But there are a few basics that may help in considering when to travel to London.

Ouster Card - Dolphin Inn

Ouster Card

Underground every day. It’s got to be one of the easiest ways of getting around London and, with so many stops, it’s one of the most accessible methods of transportation.

Making such frequent journeys could rack up the pennies but, in 2003, London came up with a solution to combat expenses with the introduction of the Oyster card.
London History - Dolphin Inn

London History

The incredible city of London is approximately 2,000 years old as a settlement on the banks of the River Thames. The Romans invaded London in 43 A.D., naming the fortified city Londinium.

London Architecture - Dolphin Inn
London Architecture
There are so many architectural gems to check out in London and the city is known for its diverse range of buildings located so close to one and other it’s sometimes hard to take a picture of the one you really want.

This is only a short list of the most famous, but you’re likely to find a bit of architectural history around every corner if you look hard enough.
Getting Around - Dolphin Inn
Getting Around
There’s no shortage of ways to get around this great city. You can descend into the underground and grab the subway (known as the Tube to Londoners), hop on a bright red bus to see the sights, or hail one of the ubiquitous London Black Cabs.